Additional products for electricity contracts

No electricity contract without fine-tuning – regardless of how much electricity your company consumes. With our additional products, you can customise the electricity contract for your company exactly as you want.

Any questions on your mind? Our experts will help you find the additional solutions you want.

Oomi Renewable

By selecting Oomi Renewable for your contract, you can ensure that the electricity you use is 100% renewable energy generated from solar, water and wind power. The origin is verified in accordance with the Guarantee of Origin system. You can choose Oomi Renewable for all electricity contracts. You decide. A good fit for companies that consume no more than 100,000 kWh per year.

Oomi Carbon Neutral

Oomi Carbon Neutral is a 100% emission-free option that is produced without carbon dioxide emissions, primarily with European nuclear power, but also with renewable energy sources if necessary (biomass, wind, solar and hydropower). The origin of Oomi Carbon Neutral is verified with Guarantees of Origin of electricity in accordance with the European Energy Certificate System (EECS).

Oomi Carbon Neutral can be selected for any contract if the annual electricity consumption does not exceed 100,000 kWh.

Does your company consume more electricity?

Do you want to purchase your electricity so that it is generated with a particular renewable method? Our experts will also help your company with individual additional services.

Oomi Guarantee of Origin

You can also purchase your electricity entirely as renewable energy. The Guarantee of Origin (GoO) of electricity is a certificate guaranteeing that the electricity is generated from renewable energy sources. 

Renewable energy must always be subscribed to no later than in February following the year of delivery, so that we have time to purchase and amortise the Guarantees of Origin purchased for our customers. However, we recommend taking action in good time when the market price level looks reasonable. In addition to the current year, Guarantees of Origin can be purchased for the next four years.