Electric car charging for housing companies 

Are you considering getting a charging station for your housing company? Oomi implements electric car charging solutions for housing companies everywhere in Finland.

The Oomi Charging service for housing companies covers everything from survey to installation, without forgetting guidance for putting the charging station into service. Our charging solutions are both electrically safe and secure to use.

It is important to us that we are able to offer housing companies charging solutions that always meet their needs. We will see the projects through to the end – and beyond. Oomi is a reliable partner whose strengths include solvent owners as well as the founding companies’ decades of experience in the energy sector, among other things.

Reliable partner, solvent owners.

Oomi live survey for housing companies

Housing companies should first request a free-of-charge Oomi live survey to review the initial situation and options for implementing charging solutions for electric cars.

Oomi live survey includes:  

  1. A 30-minute live survey with the customer through a service such as Teams in order to roughly review the initial situation, the customer’s wishes and the solution options.
  2. As the end product, the customer receives a tentative offer describing the solution options and tentative prices.
  3. When a housing company requests a binding offer in order to present a proposal at its general meeting, we will conduct a closer survey on location. The end product delivered to the housing company is a binding turn-key offer for an improvement to the charging infrastructure and a suitable charging solution.

Oomi Charging service for housing companies

The Oomi Private charging service offers significant advantages for electric car charging in housing companies:

  • The charging rights can be assigned and the costs of the electricity charged can be charged to the people using the charging service, as desired 
  • Dynamic load management saves on investing expenses and makes expansion possible in the future
  • The payment information and personal data are secure (Virta has ISO/IEC 27001:2013 information security certification)
  • The most extensive public charging network in Finland can be used with the same identifier

Electric car charging equipment for housing companies

With this charging equipment, you can charge all electric cars and hybrid electric cars!

 ICU Eve Mini:

  • Max. 22 kW
  • Type 2 connector  
  • User identification
  • Display  
  • Pre-installed with Virta
  • Dimensions: 240(W) x 370(H) x 130(D) mm 

ICU Eve:

  • Max. 2×22 kW  
  • 2 Type 2 connectors
  • User identification  
  • Display  
  • Pre-installed with Virta  
  • Dimensions: 338(W) x 590(H) x 230(D) mm 

Oomi basic charging solution for housing companies

The Oomi basic charging solution provides you with a GARO GLBDC charging station that allows you to charge an electric car easily and safely in your housing company.

GLBDC charging station

This easy-to-use and reliable charging station is designed for use in demanding northern conditions.

  • 22 kW
  • Type 2 connector for a single car
  • LED charging indicator light
  • Preparedness for dynamic load management
  • Energy meter
  • Dimensions: 205(W) x 422 (H) x 124 (D) mm
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