Welcome to use the Oomi Bike company bike service

It’s great that you have decided to introduce this fantastic benefit! You can buy your bike from either Finnish bicycle stores or an online store in the EU. This page has plenty of information on how the process of buying a bike will proceed and how you can get yourself the bicycle of your dreams!

Did you know that the Oomi Bike company bike service has a near limitless selection of bikes in brick-and-mortar shops and webstores alike? More than 200 bike brands!

It couldn't be easier to introduce The Company Benefit Bike!

Our calculation will help you come up with an estimate of the value of your bike benefit.

Company bike benefit in brief

The company bike is a tax-free personal benefit-in-kind worth a maximum of €100 per month. This means that you can get a company bike as a tax-free benefit when its taxation value is a maximum of €100 per month. In this case, you will not pay any taxes for the share of the bike benefit in your salary.

A company bike can be freely used for commutes, forest trail rides on fatbikes, city biking or summer cycling tours. It can also encourage employees to exercise in fun ways also in their free time!

The bike benefit allows you to save around 20%–40% of the bike’s procurement price.

How to acquire an Oomi Bike company bike

The first thing that you should do, regardless of where you are getting your bike from, is to create an account and sign in to the bike portal.  

  1. You can create an account and sign in here.
  2. After signing in, go to the settings and fill in the data needed.
  3. Creating an account does not obligate you to order a bike, it only makes things faster when you decide to move forward with the bike acquisition.

If you would like some help with choosing a suitable bike and want to have personal service, a partner company is the right choice for you. A partner company also gives you help with linking your company bike to the bike portal.

If you are in the happy situation that you already know what kind of a bike you want, you can order your company bike from almost any webstore in the EU selling bicycles to companies. Enter your order through the form in the bike portal.  The customer service workers will process and manage the order of your dream bike and its accessories on your behalf. We will keep you up to date on how your order is proceeding and you will be notified when your bike has been ordered and is on the way.

What does the company bike service entail and what additional services are available?

Each bike automatically comes with extensive insurance coverage against vandalism and theft. It is valid both in Finland and when travelling abroad. You can customize the service package with optional extra services that bring security and flexibility to your bike in changing life situations.

Customer service will also help you with any matters related to the bike benefit, from selecting the bike and its accessories to placing your order. Our extensive partner network is also available when you need help with procuring a bike.

Maintenance budget

If you wish, you can include the maintenance budget in the bike’s taxation value, which means that you can maintain your bike at a more affordable price. You can have your bike serviced anywhere you would like. You can choose a suitable budget from our range of different maintenance budgets.

Extended warranty

The bike manufacturer’s warranty typically becomes void before the contract term ends, and we would like to offer you the opportunity to extend your warranty with the same terms to cover the bike’s entire contract term.

Cancellation coverage

Cancellation coverage gives you flexibility. It protects you from your bike being reclaimed if your life situation changes and you want to terminate your contract. Cancellation coverage allows ending your bike contract at any time during the contract period.

Any questions about Oomi Company Benefit Bikes?

If you have any questions about company bikes, our remote service will help you:

Customer service is available in Chat Vapaus Website
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