Company Benefit Bikes for employees

A company bike is a tax-free benefit-in-kind up to €1,200 per year provided by the employer. The employee can use the bike freely, both for commutes and during their leisure time.

Are you interested in getting a company bike? Click your way to our calculator to see how much you could benefit from the service!

The bike of your dreams at a 20%–40% lower price with service and warranties included – too good to be true? Not this time! As an employee, you can get a company bike regardless of where in Finland you are cycling. It is also a green and affordable alternative to a company car. Company bikes do not have to only be used for commutes – or at all. A company bike can also be used for forest trails on fatbikes, city biking and summer cycling tours.

What exactly is Oomi Bike?

The Oomi Bike service, coproduced with Vapaus, allows you to get a bike of your dreams from a range of more than 200 brands, with service and insurance included. The selection has both e-bikes and regular bicycles.

The best employment benefit: Company benefit bike!

The service is affordable and easy to employers. We provide assistance in all phases of the commissioning. If zooming around riding a care-free and ecological bike sounds attractive, tell your employer about the benefit!

Company bike tax benefit

You can get a company bike as a tax-free personal benefit up to a value of €100 per month. This means that a company bike is a tax-free benefit up to €1,200 annually, throughout its contract period!

For you as employees, this means the chance to get a bicycle of your dreams conveniently as part of your salary – as a turnkey service, of course. An employer can also offer this benefit on top of wages or pay a share of the bicycle’s acquisition cost. In most cases, the bikes are leased through a temporary leasing contract. An employer can also buy a bicycle to own it fully.

A bike benefit can be deducted from your pay, same as any other employee benefit. This means that your taxable income will decrease by the taxation value of the company bike. As you pay less tax for the reduced income, the share of your net salary will decrease an average of 20%–40% less than the taxation value. In other words, a company bike benefit can help you save 20%–40% of the total bike acquisition costs.

Tax exemption can help you save up to 20%–40% of the acquisition price of your dream bike!