When moving

Finding a new home is wonderful, but moving can sometimes be stressful. We want to facilitate your move. We compiled a moving checklist and instructions for submitting a notification of change of address.

Regardless of where in Finland you are moving, we can supply your home with electricity.

Submit a notification of change of address

Many practical matters need to be taken care of when you move. The moving checklist ensures that you do not forget anything essential and that your move is more effortless. See the bottom of the page for tips!

Call the moving helpline!

You can submit a notification of change of address as early as three months before moving.

Submit a notification of change of address by calling the moving helpline at 09 2522 1100. The helpline can be reached Mon–Fri 9:00–20:00 and at weekends 9:00–17:00.

Sign a new electricity contract immediately online!

Click to sign a new, affordable electricity contract – soon you will also have Oomi energy flowing from your electrical outlet.

Submit a notification of change of address in the Oomi Online service

Change your address, keep Oomi! If you are already a customer of Oomi, you can submit a notification of change of address conveniently in the Online service.

When do I need to submit a notification of change of address?

We recommend that you submit a notification of change of address two weeks before moving. But do not worry if you have not had the time to sign an electricity contract yet. We can also turn on the electricity in your new home at a shorter notice. You can still sign an electricity contract for your new home online two weekdays before moving. And if you have left signing an electricity contract to the last minute, please call our moving helpline.

The electricity will be switched on on the day that the contract comes into effect.

Psst! Please also remember to submit a notification of change of address to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and Posti.

Moving checklist – also remember these things when moving

Before moving

  • Terminate your previous lease immediately once your future move has been confirmed. The notice period is usually one calendar month.
  • If you intend to switch your Internet service provider, terminate your subscription and subscribe to a new one.
  • Organise the practical matters related to moving: consider where you can get help with moving and a moving truck. If you intend to hire a moving company, do so in good time because the turn of the month and weekends are often busy.
  • Provide your home insurance provider with your new dwelling’s information. Also ask how comprehensively your home insurance policy covers damage caused when moving. If necessary, purchase additional insurance.
  • Clean your old dwelling. Clean the sauna, drains and ventilation valves.
  • Notify your old dwelling’s housing manager or maintenance company about your move.

In the new dwelling

  • Clean and paint your new dwelling.
  • Protect the corners and surfaces that are at risk of getting scuffed during the move as well as any floors that are susceptible to scratches.
  • Check the functioning of the smoke detectors in your new dwelling.
  • Remember to notify your new housing manager or maintenance company about the move in the next few days following the move.
  • Enjoy your new home!