Invoicing and viewing invoices

An electricity invoice is based on invoicing according to consumption 

In consumption-based invoicing, we always charge in accordance with the actual amount of electricity you have used. You can monitor your own electricity consumption via our Online service

We invoice electricity consumption on a monthly basis. The term of payment for an electricity invoice is 14 days. 

Electronic or paper invoices 

How would you like to receive your electricity invoices? We can send your invoice on paper, by email or as an e-invoice.

An e-invoice is a secure method developed by banks for receiving and paying invoices. You can subscribe to e-invoices even before the first electricity invoice. In the contract confirmation, we will provide you with an invoicing ID that you can use to authorise e-invoicing in your online bank. 

Viewing electricity invoices 

You can see your invoices sent since April 2020 in our Online service. To use the service, you must register as a user of the Online service. You will need online banking credentials or a mobile certificate to register with the service.