Purchasing solar panels

The sun radiates a great amount of energy that is waiting to be utilised. By investing in a solar power system, you can get good return on capital at a low risk. At the same time, you will ensure a steady energy supply far into the future. You can improve the property’s energy efficiency, which will bring additional value to the property.

As a producer of solar energy, you will also be involved in developing decentralised energy generation in Finland. Additionally, solar energy is a very environmentally friendly solution, as it is completely emission-free energy.

Tips for purchasing solar panels

Many questions often come up when purchasing solar panels. Here you can check answers to frequently asked questions, which will make it easier for you to select solar panels that meet your needs for your home.

  1. Size the solar power system according to the location’s electricity consumption
    • We will help you select the right number of panels based on your electricity consumption.
  2. Check the installation environment
    • The panel output and the decision to purchase panels are affected by any shade cast on the roof and the orientation and condition of the roof. The roof’s basic condition should be checked before the solar panels are installed. So make sure that the roof does not require renovations in the coming years or carry out renovations before installation.
  3. Make sure the warranty is in order
    • Recent development of solar panels has been rapid, and there are solar panels from many manufacturers available on the market. A solar power system is a multi-year investment, which is why we recommend selecting high-quality products from equipment manufacturers that offer a long warranty. You should purchase solar panels from a solvent company that will still be around to redeem the warranty decades later.
  4. Take surplus electricity into account
    • In an ideal situation, no surplus electricity is generated. However, solar panels can generate more electricity than you consume on sunny days. If you sell your surplus electricity to your electricity vendor, it is usually deducted on your electricity invoice.
  5. Check the monitoring possibilities
    • You should make sure that you can monitor the solar power system with a browser or mobile application. Monitoring provides you with important information on the operation and output of the solar power system and any disruptions in it. In most cases, the inverter manufacturer offers a possibility of monitoring the system.

Solar panel for homes


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