Solar panel packages

A solar panel package incorporates everything you need to start using solar electricity, including installation. Our professional mechanics will install the system and make it ready for production as a turn-key delivery.

The system’s size will be designed according to your home’s electricity consumption in such a way that the benefit provided by solar electricity is maximised.

Purchasing solar panels from Oomi is effortless. Our salespersons would be happy to help you choose a suitable panel package, and they will calculate the optimal number of panels for your location. As our customer, you can trust that your solar power systems will be implemented by professionals with experience gained from hundreds of projects.

New N-type solar panel package now available from Oomi!

  • Output over the lifespan of the panel approximately 7% higher compared to old P-type panels
  • Impressive black appearance suitable for all environments
  • Durable double glass structure with the solar cells laminated between two glass panels
  • Double-sided solar panel that generates electricity from light hitting the rear side of the panel as well
  • Half-cut technology
  • Output 420 W
  • Dimensions 1,722 x 1,134 x 30 mm
  • 30-year linear power production warranty
  • 12-year product warranty

Manufacturer HT-SAAE. The story of HT-S began in the 1960s with the manufacture of reliable solar panels for satellites. The same expertise and uncompromising quality continue to drive the company even today. HT-S is part of the China Aerospace Science Technology Corporation (CASC), which has a total of 174,000 employees and approximately EUR 50 billion in assets. The corporation has a fully in-house solar panel production chain, starting from silicon production. HT-S is one of the highest quality TIER1 manufacturers in the world.

The package includes a top-class fastening system and inverter

Sofar Solar inverter

  • WiFi remote monitoring as standard
  • Can also be installed outdoors, operation guaranteed -30°C
  • Display language ready in Finnish
  • 10 year warranty

Orima fastenings

  • Well-suited for all Nordic roof types
  • Manufactured in Finland and rated to withstand the wind and snow loads in Finland
  • Durable material: steel treated with a special coating of zinc (Magnelis®) and Easy Rail , made of corrosion-free aluminium
  • 30-year warranty

We deliver solar panel packages everywhere in Finland.

Remember the tax credit for household expenses

You can claim 40% of the costs of the installation work as a tax credit for household expenses in your taxes. The installation costs cover roughly one fourth of the total price of the package.

The tax credit is personal and its amount is a maximum of €2,250 per year.

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Solar panel for homes

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