Electricity generation methods

Do you want to make a choice for nature? Oomi Renewable comprises solar, wind and water. By choosing it, you are ensuring that the electricity you use is 100% renewable energy.

  • Oomi Renewable = solar, wind and water
    • Renewable, low-emission and environmentally friendly 
    • Guarantee of Origin is a certificate proving that the electricity is generated from renewable energy sources  

Solar power/energy

Solar power is renewable energy generated with photovoltaic cells or solar thermal collectors.  

Wind power/energy

Wind energy is energy generated from wind. It is converted from wind kinetic energy into electricity with the help of the rotating blades of wind turbines. 

Water power/energy

Electricity generated from water power is renewable and low-emission. Hydroelectric power plants generate energy by running water through a turbine.

Electricity generation mix

A combination of energy sources, the composition of which varies according to the electricity generation situation.