Oomi Active

Oomi Active is the right choice for you if you want a straightforward electricity contract that is always up to date.

Oomi Active
Until further notice
0.59 c/kWhsis. VAT 24%
+ Varying spot price

The market price of electricity is currently fluctuating wildly. At times, the price may be considerably high.

Basic fee First 4 month 0.00 /monthsis. VAT 24%
And thereafter 4.90 /monthsis. VAT 24%

Oomi Active is a continuous electricity contract that is tied to the market price. It is an excellent choice when you want to monitor your electricity consumption actively, for example. The Oomi Active contract has a changing energy price that is based on the hourly price, i.e. spot price, of electricity for the Finnish price area as published by the Nordic electricity exchange (Nord Pool AS). The price of spot electricity, which is based on the spot price, varies according to supply and demand, so you will always pay the current price for electricity.

Oomi Active is a good fit for you if you want to utilise the most affordable hours of the day without any fixed-term provisions.

Why Oomi Active?

  • The contract is tied to the market price and you will always pay the current spot price for electricity
  • Valid until further notice – no binding fixed-term provisions