Solar panels

Having your own solar power system is a concrete action for a cleaner environment, as solar power is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of electricity generation. By generating some of your electricity with solar panels, you are also more self-sufficient when electricity transmission prices increase.

Oomi will provide you with a solar panel package optimised for your needs as a turn-key delivery. We think that it is only fair. Check out solar power and read more about our solar panel packages!

Solar panels are the right choice for you if:

  • you are interested in renewable energy and would like to take concrete action for the environment
  • you would like to generate electricity yourself and reduce the amount of electricity you purchase
  • you want a stable and secure return on your investment – there is always a need for electricity. 

How to start using solar panels

1. Contact us

We will call you so that we can plan a solar panel package that meets your needs together!

2. We will conduct a survey visit to your home if necessary 

If necessary, we will come and refine the plan on location, and we will agree on the installation date once we have settled on a suitable option.

3. Installation is completed swiftly 

The installation will be carried out by our mechanics, whose familiarity with both solar panels and their installation is based on their many years of experience. 

4. We will get you started in using solar panels 

You can start using your panels immediately. You will generate clean electricity and reduce the amount of electricity you have to purchase, without needing to pay taxes on the electricity you generate.  

5. We will purchase any surplus electricity 

If you sometimes generate more solar electricity than you consume, we can sign a self-generation agreement with you and purchase the surplus electricity you generate. We are also always ready to advise you in matters regarding solar electricity.  

Benefits of solar panels

  • An environmentally friendly choice that improves the property’s energy efficiency
  • Electricity from March to October
  • Optimal operation in the cool and bright conditions of Finland
  • A 30-year power output guarantee
  • You can sell us your surplus electricity
  • The panel installation work entitles you to a tax credit for household expenses

Solar panel for homes

Contact us by clicking the link below and filling in the contact form – we will contact you no later than on the first weekday. Let’s plan a solar panel package that meets your needs together!

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