Electric cars

Electric cars do not generate any local climate emissions, which makes them an environmentally friendly way to travel. You can draw out the full power of an electric motor from the get-go, and in the winter it warms up your car very quickly. Additionally, electric cars are low maintenance.

Do you need to install an electric car charging station in your home? Good news, you have come to the right place!

It is important to us that we are able to offer you a charging solution that meets your needs. We will see the projects through to the end – and beyond. Oomi is a reliable partner whose strengths include solvent owners as well as the founding companies’ decades of experience in the energy sector, among other things.

Reliable partner, solvent owners.

Electric car charging station for your home

Oomi can install an electric car charging station in your detached house – regardless of where in Finland you live. With our equipment, you can charge all electric cars and hybrid electric cars safely. 

Our product range includes charging equipment for both private motorists and company car drivers – as needed.

Beny home charging package for car owners

The Beny home charging package is a worry-free choice. All BENY EV chargers feature dynamic load balancing (DLB). When the EV charger is working with other household appliances at the same time, the DLB box can maintain the dynamic balance of the total household current and ensure the safety of electricity to avoid home overload.

Two options available:
- BENY EV charger, 22 kW, with cable, Solar DLB, Type 2, black colour, power management, WiFi
- BENY EV charger, 22 kW, with socket, Solar DLB, Type 2, black colour, power management, WiFi

- Type 2 (IEC 62196-2) charging connector compatible with all electric cars.
- Plug in and start charging automatically. RFID card option.
- Set the property’s maximum current value on the DLB box and the charger will adjust the charging current automatically (0–32 A).
- Possibility of charging your car with local solar power.

Designed for Nordic conditions
The CP series EV chargers feature an IP65-rated design for indoor and outdoor use.

Technical specifications
- Nominal capacity 22 kW, the charger’s output power can be adjusted from 6 A all the way to 32 A.
- Type 2 charging cable, 6 m.
- Dimensions: 169 (W) x 151 (D) x 350 (H) mm.

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Do you live in a housing company?

We also offer charging services to housing companies. Oomi implements electric car charging solutions for housing companies across Finland. We can do everything from the survey to the installation.

Do you already drive an electric car? – Register as a customer of Virta

Virta has one of the largest charging networks in Europe, allowing you to charge your car easily around Finland and Europe.

If you have a Virta charging station at home or at your workplace, you can also use the same RFID key fob or the Virta mobile app there.