Oomi Terms of supplementary services, corporate customers:
Oomi Renewable

The terms will come into effect on 1 December 2022

Terms applicable to all supplementary services

Applicable terms and changes. Oomi Oy has the right to decide which supplementary services are available for sale at any given time. Supplementary services are governed by these special terms. Oomi Oy reserves the right to change these terms by notifying the customer of the change two (2) weeks before the change comes into force.

Requirements. Oomi Oy’s additional services, which are subject to a separate fee, can be selected for locations that have an annual electricity consumption of no more than 100,000kWh. They are invoiced on the electricity invoice for the electricity sales contract. Depending on the electricity sales contract, you can select one or more additional services, which are confirmed to the customer in conjunction with the electricity sales contract or a separate confirmation concerning the additional service. Supplementary services are governed by these special terms.

Price and changes. The price of additional services is as listed on the price list valid at the time. New orders for supplementary services are subject to the terms of the supplementary services in force at the time of the order. Oomi Oy has the right to change the special terms supplementary services valid until further notice, as well as the prices of additional services valid until further notice, by notifying the customer of the changes no later than two (2) weeks before they come into effect.

Termination. All supplementary services offered by Oomi Oy, with the exception of the Oomi Renewable service as part of the fixed-term contract, are valid until further notice, and the term of notice for supplementary services is 14 days for the customer and one (1) month for the vendor.

Oomi Renewable

Oomi Renewable is a paid additional service that can be selected for any electricity sales contract when the annual electricity consumption of the location of use does not exceed 100,000kWh. The price (c/kWh) of the Oomi Renewable service is added to the customer’s energy price. If the actual annual consumption exceeds 100 000 kWh, Oomi Oy may remove the service from the contract.

A contract supplemented with Oomi Renewable is produced with 100% renewable energy that combines electricity generated with water and wind power as well as solar energy. The origin of the electricity is verified in accordance with the European Guarantee of Origin system.

Oomi Renewable becomes valid on the effective date of the electricity sales contract at the earliest or, if the electricity sales contract is already in effect, no earlier than on the date of subscription. Oomi Renewable is valid for no longer than until the end of the fixed-term contract period in fixed-term electricity sales contracts and until further notice in continuous contracts. The Oomi Renewable service ends if the electricity sales contract ends.