Oomi lowers the electricity price for its consumer customers to 24.90 cents 

Electricity company Oomi is taking concrete steps to alleviate its customers’ challenging situation. Oomi will lower the price of electricity for consumers to 24.90 cents per kilowatt hour. The price change will take effect automatically on 1 January 2023 for a period of three months for a significant proportion of Oomi’s customers who are currently paying a higher price for electricity. The change requires no action from customers.  

Electricity company Oomi aims to alleviate the difficult situation of its customers, even though it has no electricity generation of its own. The price reduction is made possible by successful risk management, lower electricity consumption due to customer savings measures, and successes in Oomi’s solar and bicycle leasing businesses. The decision was made this week, once the overall results of the company’s operating year had been confirmed and the conditions were in place to take action. 

“We have a genuine concern for our customers. We wanted to find a solution that would help in an acute situation during the coldest period. It is important to us that we can continue to do business responsibly, serve our customers, and ensure the availability of services. It is also of paramount importance for everyone that we continue to work together to save electricity,” says Tuomas Oksanen, CEO of Oomi. 

The temporary, fixed price of 24.90 cents per kilowatt hour applies to consumption between January and March. All existing Oomi customers with the Oomi Fixed contract or the Oomi Continuous or Oomi Nonstop contract are entitled to the price reduction, regardless of location. For these contract customers, the price change is automatic. Customers with the Oomi Active electricity contract, which is tied to the market price, can also switch to a non-fixed-term Oomi Continuous contract at the calculated price in the Oomi Online service. The price reduction applies to existing locations of use with a valid Oomi electricity contract made by 22 December 2022.  

Customers can check their current electricity contract from their latest electricity bill, contract confirmation, or by logging into the Oomi Online service