Service price list from 1 April 2020 onwards

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Free services
Online service (e.g. consumption data, contract data, invoices) 
Reporting services, reporting of consumption data
Investigation and reporting of energy use (€/h)72,58 €
Usage report (€/metering point)28,23 €
Other reporting and office work, minimum charge 1 h (€/h)72,58 €
Other services
Hourly rate for office work, contract and other reports (€/h) 
- Charged for each commencing hour 
72,58 €
Document fee: report, certificate12,10 €
Inspection request on customer register data (if more than once a year) 72,58 €
Fees related to invoicing and lodging of claims
Reprinting of invoice, copy of invoice, other printouts (€/each)8,06 €
Extra invoice, at the customer’s request (€/invoice)8,06 €
Consolidated invoicing, setup fee (€/h)40,32 €
Refund of extra fee (requested as separate task)8,06 €
Payment reminder5,00 €

Penalty interest will be collected in accordance with the Interest Act.

The sending of payment reminders and disconnection warnings is handled by Ropo Oy on behalf of Oomi Oy, and it charges for these measures in accordance with its price list. Payment requests, disconnection warnings and the like will be charged in accordance with Ropo's price list.

For a service not mentioned on the price list, Ropo may charge a fee corresponding to the working time spent for every starting hour.

Prices in accordance with the price list valid at the time.

The electricity network services are the responsibility of the local distribution system operator, and the fees related to them, such as the fees for cutting off and switching on the electricity, will be charged in accordance with the distribution system operator’s current price list and connection times.