Oomi Product-specific terms, consumers, Package

The terms will come into effect on 1 January 2023 

These product-specific terms are part of the customer's contract with Oomi Oy. 

Oomi Package 

The invoicing of the continuous Oomi Package contract is based on a fixed monthly fee and a charge for any energy consumption in excess of what is included in the package. Oomi Package contracts are available in three different sizes that include a maximum amount of electricity per month as follows: 

  • Oomi Package S up to 84 kWh/month 
  • Oomi Package M up to 208 kWh/month 
  • Oomi Package L up to 417 kWh/month 

Oomi Package contracts are subject to a fixed monthly fee (€/month) that the customer pays regardless of their energy consumption up to the monthly maximum (kWh) of the chosen package size. If the customer’s energy consumption exceeds the monthly maximum of the chosen package, the excess amount is subject to a c/kWh charge in accordance with Oomi’s price list, which the customer is informed of when establishing the contract and confirmed in the contract confirmation. The contract does not include electricity transmission. The customer will be informed of any price changes at least one (1) month before the change comes into effect.