Oomi Product-specific terms, consumers, Active

The terms will come into effect on 1 January 2023 

These product-specific terms are part of the customer's contract with Oomi Oy. 

Oomi Active 

The Oomi Active contract has a changing energy price that is based on the hourly price of electricity for the Finnish price area as published by the Nordic electricity exchange (Nord Pool AS). The hourly cost is the consumption for that hour multiplied by the price for the corresponding hour. The average price shown on the invoice is the cost of the individual hours of the month added together and divided by the amount of energy consumed during the month. The hourly energy prices are not broken down on the electricity invoice. 

In addition to the hourly spot price the invoicing includes the vendor’s margin (c/kWh) and basic fee (€/month) as well as value-added tax. The vendor’s margin and basic fee are as declared during the signing of the contract and as confirmed. The customer will be notified of any changes to the margin and basic fee no later than one (1) month before the change comes into effect.  

Hourly prices based on the hourly electricity price for the price area published by Nord Pool AS are an integral part of the nature of the exchange electricity contract and, therefore, hourly changes to the energy price in the Oomi Active contract do not constitute changes to the price or contractual conditions of which the customer is informed in advance (SME 2014 8.2). 

The duration of the Oomi Active contract is as confirmed in the contract confirmation provided to the customer.