Terms of use of the Online service

Terms of service

Registration for the service means that you accept the terms given below.

The content of the service will be delivered ‘as is and without obligation’. Oomi Oy (hereinafter ‘the Service Provider’) makes no warranty for this website or its content. The Service Provider retains the right to update the service or shut it down at any time.

The data generated on service use and transactions as a result of the use of the service is part of the Service Provider’s customer register.

Users can log in to the service with their electricity contract’s ID. The ID needed for registration can be found on the most recent invoice or the contract confirmation.

The user is responsible for ensuring that the information they provide is correct and up to date.

Service downtime is possible due to maintenance, excessive load or other reasons. The Service Provider seeks to share information on service downtime on its website.


The Service Provider’s website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file saved by the website on the user’s computer. This text file contains information used to facilitate use of the website, among other things. Cookies are also used to compile statistics on the use of the website. The objective of the compiling of statistics is to develop the service so that it is as user-friendly as possible. If you do not want to use cookies, you can place a restriction on them in your browser’s settings. Please note that if you block the cookies, the website may not be displayed correctly.

Registration and use of personal data

The User’s personal data that is provided during registration is saved in the Service Provider’s customer register and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act, and the implementation of privacy protection is also otherwise taken care of in the processing of personal data. Personal data is processed in order to manage the customer relationship.

The User’s ID and password, which are created during registration, are personal. If the User forgets their ID and password, they can log in with their online banking credentials to view and update their information.

These terms of use become effective immediately upon the User accepting them by registering or otherwise, and they will remain in effect until further notice, for as long as the User is a customer of the Service Provider. Once the customer relationship ends, the access rights will be terminated two months after the termination of the contract.