User instructions for the Online service

The services can be found in the top bar

  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Reporting service
  • Contact us

See the upper right corner for

  • Your user ID and personal information

See the bottom of the page for

  • Bulletins


On this page, you can see the overall status of your electricity contracts. The information shown includes expired and currently valid contracts, their period of validity, the product name and, possibly, the prices. Whether or not the prices are shown is affected by the contract period. If the contract is new, we also show you the contract confirmation, the profile details of the location of use, and information related to invoicing.


On this page, you can find the invoices sent after the introduction of the new customer service system. The invoice information is more detailed as of the invoicing of April 2020. You can find the basic details, a picture and payment details of each invoice.

Reporting service

As a user of the reporting service, you can examine the consumption of your locations of use, monitor the trends in your consumption and compare your consumption to the consumption of other similar locations of use.

Contact us

On the ‘Contact us’ page, you can send messages to customer service and add attachments to your messages.

My information

In ‘My information’, you can view and edit your contact information. The contact information shown includes all your phone numbers and email addresses that are in the system. In ‘My information’, you can also edit your electronic messaging settings.

Additionally, you can authorise other users to view your information. There are different access right levels (read/write and read-only access), depending on the subpage. See below for instructions on adding access rights.


In this section, we present bulletins related to the Online service for customers who are logged in.

Adding access rights

The user can give other users the right to access their personal information. Access rights can be granted on a website-by-website basis (read/write or read-only access). To add access rights, go to your user ID in the top right corner. In order to give access rights, you must first register for the service.

Adding access rights

  1. Rekisteröidy palveluun omilla tunnuksillasi (Isännöitsijöiden rekisteröinnit asiakaspalvelun kautta)
  2. Siirry käyttöoikeudet kohtaan oman käyttäjätunnuksen takaa
  3. Ilmoita sähköposti, jolle annat käyttöoikeudet
  4. Valitse annettavat käyttöoikeudet
  5. Anna salasana
  6. Anna käyttöoikeus

Removing access rights

  1. Kirjaudu omilla tunnuksillasi Online-palveluun
  2. Navigoi oman käyttäjätunnuksen alle Käyttöoikeudet-sivulle
  3. Poista aiemmin annettu käyttöoikeus

Access rights for a housing manager

If you want to provide a housing manager with access rights, please contact our corporate customer service (tel. 09 2522 1133) The customer service staff can add customers to a previously registered user ID.