Choose e-invoicing – it’s easy and convenient

At Oomi, we value convenience. This is why we want to encourage our customers to switch from the traditional paper invoice to the hassle-free e-invoice. E-invoicing is a safe, fast and environmentally friendly way to pay your invoices. The only difference between an e-invoice and a paper invoice is the delivery method.

What are the benefits of e-invoicing?

  • Your invoices are guaranteed to arrive without any disruption, as e-invoices will not get lost in transit.
  • The reference number, account number and other invoice details are automatically filled in on the e-invoice. There is no need to enter them separately – so convenient!
  • E-invoicing significantly reduces the burden on the environment, so you are also doing a good deed for nature!
  • If you wish, you can save the payment on your computer and archive it for future reference.
  • Get your e-invoice to your online bank quickly and securely. You can pay your invoice with just a few clicks.

Follow these steps

  • Sign an e-invoice contract in your online bank. You can find the information you need for the contract on your invoice.
  • In your online bank, select Oomi Oy from the list of invoicers.
  • In the invoice identification information, enter the invoicing ID and customer number from your most recent invoice.
  • We will receive an automatic notification from your bank that you have activated e-invoicing, and you do not need to contact our customer service about it.
  • We will send invoices to your online bank from this point on.