Terms and conditions of small-scale generation, consumers

1.    Small-scale producers’ obligation to notify about changes to information

The producer is obligated to notify Oomi Oy (hereinafter ‘Oomi’) about any changes to the circumstances mentioned in this agreement.

2.    Agreement and purchase price

During the agreement’s validity period, the producer will sell to Oomi all surplus electricity generated at the location of use that is not consumed by the producer. The date of the agreement’s entry into effect is shown in the agreement confirmation.

The purchase agreement for small-scale generation signed between the contracting parties is valid until further notice and may be terminated by both parties after giving two weeks’ notice. The producer may not transfer this agreement to a third party. The general Terms of Electricity Sales are not applied to the purchase agreement for small-scale generation.

The purchase price of electricity generated by the small-scale producer is formed on an hourly basis from the hourly price in the electricity exchange.

Legislative measures or measures taken by the authorities, such as increases, reductions, adjustments or annulments in taxes and public fees, are taken into account in the pricing immediately from the start of the obligation to pay the tax or fee or from the effective date of other provisions or regulations. Oomi will notify the producer of the change when the exact effect of the change on the price is known but at the latest on the invoice drawn up after the change.

3.   Requirement for an electricity sales and network contract

The location of use which the purchase agreement for small-scale generation concerns is required to have a network contract with the local distribution system operator regarding electricity supply to the location.

If the producer does not have a valid electricity sales contract with Oomi, the producer will be charged the processing fees that are declared during the signing of the agreement and confirmed in the agreement confirmation. If the producer has a valid electricity sales contract with Oomi, no processing fees will be charged or deducted. Oomi will notify the customer of any changes in price no later than one (1) month prior to the changes coming into effect.

4.   Technical requirements and liabilities

The small-scale producer is liable for fulfilling the technical requirements before the start and for the duration of the purchase.

Oomi is not liable for any purchases that are not realised due to a network service failure and/or other direct or indirect damage caused to the customer by a network service failure. Oomi excludes all indirect damage from its liability. Oomi’s liabilities are mentioned in this agreement.

5.   Invoicing, balance responsibility and imbalance settlement obligations

Oomi organises invoicing and takes care of the balance responsibility and imbalance settlements on the producer’s behalf.

6.   Origin of electricity

The producer is responsible for verifying the origin of the electricity with a Guarantee of Origin.

7.    Metering the amount of electricity purchased

The location of use which the purchase agreement for small-scale generation concerns must be equipped with hourly metering equipment.

8.   Disputes

Any disputes concerning the contract will primarily be settled through negotiations. The consumer has the right to submit any disputes arising from the interpretation of this purchase agreement for small-scale generation to the Consumer Disputes Board for processing.

9.   Terms and conditions and their entry into effect

The purchase agreement for small-scale generation will come into effect on the date mentioned in section 2, unless the producer reports needs for changes to this agreement within 14 days of the date when the agreement confirmation was sent. Oomi reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions. The customer will be informed of any changes no later than one (1) month prior to the changes coming into effect.