Current news in the energy industry: Datahub to improve customer service

In February 2022, a centralised information exchange system called a datahub will be introduced in Finland. The new system will streamline customer service processes and facilitate the development of new kinds of services and applications for purposes such as energy saving or consumption monitoring.

What is the datahub?

The datahub is a centralised data storage and information exchange system for the electricity retail market. In the future, the datahub will contain information on all of Finland’s 3.8 million places of electricity use. Places of electricity use include sites such as homes, properties and shops, as well as industrial plants.

The information contained in the national datahub will be used by around 100 electricity retailers and 80 electricity network companies legally obligated to switch to the system. The datahub is administrated by Fingrid Datahub Oy, a subsidiary of Fingrid. Fingrid maintains and develops the Finnish electricity transmission grid.

Privacy protection and data security were paid special attention to in the development of the datahub. The information can only be accessed by authorised parties – i.e. you and your electricity sales and network company.

Why is the datahub coming?

Previously, the information was decentralised across different companies’ own systems, making information transfer between the systems slow at times. In the shared system, information related to places of electricity use and their consumption rates will be more readily available to all parties. This will result in faster and smoother customer service as the information is conveyed equally and in real time.

Metering point IDs will be replaced with GSRN identifiers

The new metering point ID, called the Global Service Relation Number, will streamline processes and improve the quality of customer service. Your new metering point ID will be updated automatically, and in the future you can see it on your invoice and in our Online service.

The introduction of the datahub does not require you to take any action.

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